Competition Racing
EMRA's wheel to wheel racing series is designed to deliver close, competitive racing for cars of all makes and models.

Our goal is to deliver exciting races in a way that makes racing less work and more fun. EMRA’s flexible classing system allows for cars of all types to compete on a level field. Cars built for other race series are all welcome to run with EMRA!

Sprint Racing

EMRA’s sprint race series offers serious competition in a minimum-contact environment that brings out the fun in racing. 

Cars of all makes and classes are welcome in our Sprint Series, from touring cars to stock cars to sports racers and open wheelers. Races are run in 30 to 40 minute super-sprints in run groups categorized by class and car type. 

With multiple races per event weekend, the EMRA sprint series is sure to deliver exciting on-track action.

Car Classification and Rules

EMRA’s open and flexible classing system allows for cars of all different makes and models to compete on the same field. Our most popular class are the Street Stock (ST) series, primarily for production based cars with bolt-on modifications and DOT R compound tires. Formula cars of all shapes and sizes race with us too, thanks to our partnership with the Formula Race Car Club of America.

Many nationally recognized classes also run with us, including Spec Miata, Spec Racer Ford, Showroom Stock, and Grand Touring. Any car that meets our safety requirements is welcome in our series!

Head on over to our schedule page and begin competing with EMRA Racing at our next event!

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