Covid-19 Track Event Guidelines

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    • Follow all state and municipal guidelines relative to covid-19.


    • Require all participants to wear masks for their safety and those around them in all public areas such as bathrooms, T&S area, Registration, food service areas etc.


    • Guidelines will be provided on and our FB page. Copy will also be located at Registration, Tech, and Timing & scoring area.


    • Registration will be held outside under tent, if changed to classroom there will be a limit to be registered in retrospect to the size of the space used and you must remain 6 ft. apart both inside and out in any areas.


    • Develop plans for limiting the sharing of equipment and the sanitizing said equipment during the hands off period.


    • Practice social distancing protocols for all registration processes, drivers meetings, tech procedures and trophies at close of day hands off trophies; they will be placed on table for winners to collect one at a time.


    • These guidelines will be e=blasted to all drivers prior to event for their understanding of event protocols, the drivers are encouraged to review track protocols before their arrival to event.


    • Do not provide community beverage or food service. Shared coolers are discouraged to stop spread of virus, if water provided leave open on table so anyone can grab and go.


    • Use disinfecting wipes, sanitizing spray etc. for frequently used areas and surfaces.


    • Close event to spectators, immediate family and individuals who are essential to your ability to participate and enjoy an event are not considered spectators.


    • Depending on space available in the paddock, ask drivers to park 6 ft. away from other vehicles.


    • Social distancing at all times in public areas, wearing a mask is mandatory for both your safety and those around you, 6 feet of space should be kept between individuals for the entirety of the event, with exception of your immediate group/family.


    • Place informational flyers at frequented areas to remind everyone to keep protecting themselves and others.


    • Remember to, and encourage others to, wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds regularly throughout the day, after restroom use, before eating, and after blowing your nose, sneezing or coughing. If no water available use hand sanitizer at least 60% alcohol. AVOID TOUCHING EYES, NOSE, AND MOUTH!


    • Limit physical contact to others, in these times the air high five is a necessity.


    • At track entrance use your own pen to sign the waiver and wear mask when approaching officials to sign track waiver, you may be asked to take your temp (hands free) and also sign a Covid-19 waiver for track and their officials.


    • Drivers meetings may be held if social distancing is possible. If there is no way for that to happen, you will be giver a read-out of meeting as well as flag description and a PA system will be used if available for you to follow along.


    • Tech to be done without touching the inside of your car, if necessary tech specialist will wear gloves. Step 6 ft. away from your car AFTER you place your tech sheet on windshield, open trunk and doors as well as engine compartment. Flip your helmet insides to show the expiration date. If your car is not passed go back to your paddock area, correct error and get back in line for re-tech procedure.


    • If you are flagged to come into pit lane please leave your face shield down and turn off your car to hear the pit marshal /flagger/official. Do not lift your face shield unless you are instructed to do so.


    • Emra will appoint a health and safety compliance coordinator as a central resource for any questions, to review these protocols if necessary and distribution of PPE’S IF NEEDED.



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