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Ready for the next step beyond HPDE? Enter EMRA's Time Trial Series today!


Club Motorsports plan on paving soon, and opening towards the end of the 2016 season.

Be prepared to see Club Motorsports in our future schedule for 2017!

Club Motorsports plan on paving soon, and opening towards the end of the 2016 season.

Be prepared to see Club Motorsports in our future schedule for 2017!

"Over 45 years of motorsports for the fun of it"


EMRA Time Trials give motorsport enthusiasts a place to push their cars to the limit and compete in a safe, controlled environment. Events are held on full-size race tracks across the Northeast throughout the year. Drivers compete against the clock and each other, battling for their fastest time of the day. At the end of the day the results are compiled and broken down by vehicle class.


Who can Time Trial?


EMRA welcomes new and experienced drivers to all of our events. Don't worry if you

don't think your car is "fast," Time Trials are a competition of driver skill. A skilled driver

has a chance of winning no matter what car he/she drives.


For first timers, EMRA hosts a time trial school and High Performance Driving Education

at each event. Students receive both classroom and in-car instruction from one of

EMRA's many experienced instructors. We will teach you everything you need to be

safe and fast, from proper driving technique and car control, to track awareness and

vehicle dynamics. Once you successfully complete our school, you will receive your Time Trial license and be able to compete with your fellow Time Trialers!


If you have had prior track experience with an accredited sanctioning organization, you can start competing right away.


How are Time Trials Run?

Time Trials are broken down into three groups;

Blue Extreme - for our most experienced drivers

White - for those with experience who still have room to improve

Red and Student - for Novices, and those just starting out or learning a new track.

Every group receives an allotted amout of time on track each day which is broken down into 4-6 sessions of 15 or 20 minutes. In Time Trials passing is allowed, but only in specified passing zones with a Point-By. Passing zone size and locations vary from track to track. Time Trials are timed using an electronic transponder system which register every lap around the track. If you have a transponder all you need to do is provide EMRA with your transponder number. EMRA has transponders available for rent through the event registration page. At the end of the day, all times are compiled into a list and broken down by class for our Trophy and Beverage ceremony.


With EMRA's Time Trial school and our team of instructors, even drivers who have never been on a race track can enjoy a great day of time trialing. Students and first time drivers will receive in-car and classroom instruction to help find the safest and fastest way around the track.


What do I need?

You should be 18* or older with a valid driver's license. You will also need a full face helmet with a current Snell rating (Snell M2010/SA2010, or M2015/SA2015), a long sleeve shirt, long pants, and closed toe shoes.

*****Snell M2005/SA2005 are no longer accepted! Please be sure your helmet is up to date*****


If you have a safe, mechanically sound car with working factory installed seatbelts, you're all set! Convertible cars are allowed but need to have a 4 point roll bar that is taller than the driver's head. Many factory roll bars meet these standards, but if you aren't sure, don't hesitate to ask our Chief of Tech.


For the complete set of rules and regulations, head to the Rules & Regulations Page.


*Participants 16 and 17 years of age may participate with a valid driver's license, a waiver from their parent/guardian, and permission from our Time Trial Chairman


Do I need a special license?

All drivers competing in the Time Trial series will need an EMRA Time Trial license. Don't worry if you are new and don't have one yet.  You will automatically receive a license after successful completion of the EMRA Time Trial School. Time Trial Schools are held at every event, and involve both classroom and on-track instruction. Just check the box when registering for the event to sign up. If you already have an EMRA Time Trial license from a previous year, renew it when you register online for your next event by selecting it on the Event Registration page.


For more information on obtaining or renewing your time trial license, check out the Licensing Information page.


Will I damage my car?

As with all forms of motorsport, there is always a small element of risk involved in high performance driving. In order to minimize that risk, EMRA Time Trials are held under tightly controlled conditions with limited passing and with a zero tolerance policy on risky or dangerous behavior. We strive to keep everyone and their vehicles safe.


For those of you who want that extra peace of mind, Lockton Insurance offers track day insurance at all EMRA events. Visit the Lockton Motorsports website to find out more and to apply online.


Where do I sign up?

The easiest way to sign up for an event is to make your way over to our Schedule page and click on the REGISTER NOW button for the event of your choosing. This will take you directly to the registration page for the event you have selected. You can also sign up for an event by visiting Motorsportreg.com and searching EMRA or Eastern Motor Racing Association. If you need help registering for an event, you can follow our step-by-step instruction guide (page currently under construction).



Our Time Trial Chair will be happy to address any time trial related questions.

For all other questions and comments, covisit the Contacts page.