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Ready for the next step beyond HPDE? Enter EMRA's Time Trial Series today!


Club Motorsports plan on paving soon, and opening towards the end of the 2016 season.

Be prepared to see Club Motorsports in our future schedule for 2017!

Club Motorsports plan on paving soon, and opening towards the end of the 2016 season.

Be prepared to see Club Motorsports in our future schedule for 2017!

"Over 45 years of motorsports for the fun of it"

Car Classes

EMRA's car classification system is designed to be as flexible as possible so cars of any make, model, and type can race with us. Here are the major classes that you will see at EMRA events:

Street Stock (ST)

is a class primarily for production-based cars with bolt-on modifications. Many makes and models are represented in ST, from classic Fiats to V8 muscle machines to high-tech AWD machines. Check the ST Car Classification Guide to see where your car fits.


ST-GT - Vehicles from the ST-1 and ST-2 classes with sufficient modifications to place them outside the ST-1 class. Other vehicles include tube chassis and some kit cars. 


ST-1 - Made up of high performance vehicles that are generally high horsepower and exceptional handeling capabilities, and vehicles modified beyond ST-2. Factory vehicles in this class include Ferrari's, C6 Z06/ZR1 and C7 Corvettes, Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KR


ST-2 - Mostly of late-model V8 powered vehicles and modified V6 vehicles. Examples of vehicles in ST-2 include C5 Corvette Z06, BMW M3, Fifth Generation Camaro.


ST-3 - Most late 90's to mid 2000's v8 and high performance V6 and some turbo 4 cyl vehicles. Examples in this class include Subaru WRX STI, Mitsubishi Evo, '03 Ford Mustang Cobra and 2011-later GT models, Porsche Cayman S, VW Golf R32, Base C5 Corvette, BMW E46 M3, M5 (97+) and N54/ N55 powered (135, 335, etc.)


ST-4 - Most v8's from mid 1980's through early 1990's. Most sporty v6's and performance 4 cyl cars. Examples include  Ford Mustang Cobra (1994 5.8L & through 2002) Ford Taurus SHO 2010+, Porsche 911 3.0L NT, C4 Corvette, Cadillac CTS-V, Audi S4 V6TT, Hyundai Genesis V6 and 4T, BMW E36M3, Pontiac GTO '03-'07, Camaro Z-28/ SS LS1 4th gen, Dodge Challenger/Charger R/T(up to 2014)


ST-5 - Includes many 4cyl and V6 powered vehicles of lower trim models. Examples include  Camaro V6 2010+, Ford Mustang V6 2011, Mini Cooper S(all), Honda LS Vtec or B20 or K24 swap, Mazda Speed Miata Turbo, Saab 9000 T 16v, BMW E36 328, Audi V8 5000/200 body, Lexus IS300 and Acura RSX


ST-6 - This class includes slower 4 cyl and v8 vehicles. Examples are Ford Mustang GT 2004+, Dodge Stealth/Mitsubishi 3000 NT 24V, Honda CRX 16V SI, American Pushrod v8 with 2bbl OEM, Subaru/Scion BRZ/FRS, Pontiac G8 V6, Dodge Neon R/T.


ST-7 - Many slower 4cyl/ v6 vehicles from mid 1990's and lower. Examples include Dodge Colt Turbo 8v, Ford Taurus SHO Gen 1-3, all N/A Subaru cars, Peugot 505 T & V6, Hyundai Sonata V6, BMW z3 4Cyl, Nissan 240 SX Twin Cam,  VW Golf & Scirocco 16V


ST-8 - Older vehicles from late 1980's and lower including Corvettre C1, Mazda Miata 1.6 N/A, Nissan Pulsar 16v, Honda Prelude & Accord 4cyl, Renault Fuego 2200NT, Saab 900 16v, Dodge Colt 2.0 & 2.6 NT, EVW 8v cars 1.7L and up(incl. GTI), Camaro V6 up to 4th Gen, BMW 318i

Formula Cars

EMRA partners with the Formula Race Car Club of America (FRCCA) to host some of the most organized formula racing series on the east coast. FRCCA hosts 5 classes, Tyro, F/1600, Formula Pro Avanti (F/PA), Formula Ford (F/F), and Wings.


TYRO - A novice class with class restrictions which include steel heads, 

stock cams, stock clutch, spec tires and all cars run the same gear



F/1600 - Same class restrictions as the TYRO class  but this group is for  

more advanced drivers.


F/PA - This is an invitation only class with the same restrictions as the  

TYRO and F/1600 classes.


F/F - Non restricted Formula 1600 


Wings - Non restricted downforce cars 


To learn more about FRCCA, join their forum, or contact them, visit their

website at http://www.formularacecarclubofamerica.com/


Northeast 86 CUP Classes


Have an 86 Chassis vehicle? Join EMRA's newest series, the Northeast 86 CUP!

Cars are classed into 4 different classes according to their level of preparation.

A driver can only sign up for one class per event.

Drivers can earn championship points in all classes up until (and including) the September 2018 event. After the august 2018 event, drivers who have entered more than one class can no longer switch for the rest of the season and must communicate the board which class they are sticking with. Similarly, after the august 2018 event, drivers who have not entered any prior 2018 events will not be able to earn championship points for the rest of the season -event finishing positions are kept, but championship points for event will be awarded only to qualifying competitors as if non-qualifying drivers had not participated.


STOCK CLASS - 0.5 modification points max 

The purpose of this class is to keep costs to a minimum and be attractive to a drivers with stock or minimally modified vehicles. Drivers of all experience levels are welcome. Certain modifications are not allowed in Stock class:

- No Level 2 Front Aero

- No Level 1+ Rear Aero

- No Level 1+ Rear Wing

- No tires below UTQG 140 or over 225 width

- No light-weight aftermarket parts, no aftermarket body panels, or any interior

removal (unless necessary for safety equipment).

- No forced induction


STREET CLASS - 4.0 modification points max 

The purpose of this class is to allow slight modifications to a primarily

street driven car.

Minimum weight: 2850lbs is with driver and FULL tank of gas.


MODIFIED CLASS – 7.0 modification points max 

The purpose of this class is to allow greater modifications to a primarily

track-driven car.  

Minimum weight: 2750lbs is the with driver and FULL tank of gas for

the Modified class.


UNLIMITED CLASS - Unlimited modification points 

Anything goes beyond Modified class:

Minimum weight: 2700 pounds with driver and full tank of gas.



SCCA, NASA, and Other Classes

Cars from all sancitioning bodies are welcome to compete in EMRA events.


Just check the Rules and Regulations to make sure your car meets EMRA's safety requirements.



Our Competition Board Chairman will be happy to address any questions about car classing and preparation.


For all other questions and comments, contact us here.